New Beginnings

March 11, 1990

Today is a day of new beginnings. Patricio Aylwin was sworn in as president this morning. To me this means the end of the dictatorship is truly here. I see our country moving forward into democracy, free from dictatorship, free from communism. It really makes me think, how much things and people have changed, and can change. I thought Pinochet was the best thing that could have happened to Chile and now I’m glad to see him go. Well, it’s not that he’s really gone anywhere. He’s still here. But he’s not in power. I think it will take getting used to, to be in a democracy. It’s just hard to believe. But Aylwin is a good man, not a communist, and my father knew him at the University of Chile. He will lead Chile forward. But today has a more important focus for our family.

Today is also a day of new beginnings as today my first grandson was born! Daniel has the rosiest cheeks and the greenest eyes just like his grandfather. His mother, Carolina, is so happy. After all they’ve been through, it took 4 years after the marriage to have a baby and they are delighted. The doctor says that Daniel is healthy. It was such a joy to hold him. It pains me that they live in La Serena and I won’t be able see him grow up. But they assure me they will visit. And, like now (I’m writing from La Serena), I will visit too. I cross my fingers that they choose to move to Viña but what can I do. At least Daniel has family there— Carolina’s whole family isout there and they’re a nice warm family. Daniel already has many cousins excited to meet him. And my Francisco will be a good dad, I can just tell.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Congratulations, Paula. What good news about your first grandchild. How very appropriate – a time of new beginnings; new life, one would hope. My own wishes are that we can heal as a country and see ourselves as a family again, although tengo mis dudas. I have my doubts.

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