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I found the avatar project helped motivate me to read further into assigned texts and do outside research so as to remain true to my character. I had to constantly check myself to make sure I was not inserting myself too much into the writing. Additionally, my outside positionality was revealed multiple times as I kept neglecting to address certain aspects of my life that surely would be changing (like what would be the temporary ”safe” job I would obtain after leaving the riskier position). These events wouldn’t necessarily be studied in a history class, as they are individual large life changes versus one shared common experience. But, looking at history on a personal level made me consider not only broad historical trends but all of the small ways the regime would have impacted peoples’ individual lives.

I really enjoyed examining the ways in which I could explore topics we were discussing in class like revenge and reconciliation through my characters’ lens and sometimes felt I had to react in ways I personally would not have agreed with given my character’s position. But, at the same time I found it impossible to take certain positions vastly different from my own and my character had an awful lot of perspective/ foresight (Certainly influenced by my own insights-sometimes it’s hard to separate yourself completely). I really loved the project and wish I had more time to spend developing the character and supplementing my posts with additional historical context/ working on developing some of the other characters but I tried my best to remain true to the voice I represented. (I also really enjoyed reading others posts!)

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Thanks for your comments, Esteban (for you will always be “Esteban” to me!). One of the things that the protagonist in “Ways of Going Home” said was that we can only write our own stories. I think that you, as many others, have found that to be true for the avatars. You are always present in your avatars, but you are present in other contexts, times and circumstances. That can be powerful.

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