Military Junta Takes Control

Hola compañero! How funny it feels to address the paper upon which I am writing as though it were a dear friend, but in truth you journal, are my very greatest confidante. And in my youth I did, more times than I can count, find another home in between the binding of a good book at Raul’s place. Mmm, I remember reading everything in the basement stock room from tales of piratas and princesas, to books about European history, to those dirty mystery novels, to Marxist Theory. Hell, had it not been for Neruda’s magic palabras de amor, mi luz, mi esposa, Maria Rosa may never have agreed to dance with this flaco and our beautiful familia, Jorge, Carmen, and Fernando, would not be pestering their mother under my roof, at this very moment.

I do fear soon, that words will cease to be a place of refuge for me. Today, the military Junta took control of our government, and Isabela Perón was overthrown. It is not as though she was doing us much good and military snakes were essentially running the government either way. They swear they are not trying to start a revolution, rather restore moral values to Argentina and get the economy back on track but I know better. Por supuesto, father has his grandchildren believing there is real cause for una fiesta, and fills mama’s head with nonsense, paying for her subscription to what seems to me like some military feminist magazine called Para Ti with propaganda and featured fashions like you wouldn’t believe. For now, I make peace with father the same way I always have, by keeping my distance calmly and breaking bottles in private. Pobrecita mi Rosa does not understand why we can’t get along and does everything she can to please him but if she saw how father treated mami when I was a kid, she’d understand.

In so many military governments I’ve read about in other countries, freedom of speech is the first to go, so my dear friend, I might begin to get more and more “discreet” during our sessions here, you understand? For now, all we can do is hope for the best. I am trying to smile for Rosa and the kids, but truthfully, I’m concerned. I’ll be damned if my kids grow up in a world run by military goons. All of my students at the university are getting fired up, there is the place where I can show my real worries and get involved in any upcoming action, but Rosa can’t find out or I will be in the dog house. Hopefully my intuition deceives me, and all will be well I prey.

I must go, it is tia Lucia’s birthday and everyone is yelling for me in the other room to come and eat the cake with the family. So many in the room over are drunk and happy with love and hope. I think I just heard mami knocking into a chair which likely means she’s tricked tio into a tango-I better go check on mis niños. Ojala a dios they stay so beautifully ignorant.

2 thoughts on “Military Junta Takes Control

  1. ssvolk says:

    Hola, Rey. And felicitaciones, no? Casado with tres hijos! Hombracho! Seriously, congratulations. Your Rosa sounds like your true soul mate. Qué suerte tienes! What are you teaching at the university? I’m now a history professor at la UBA, but I don’t know how much longer that will go on. Classes, of course, are cancelled for now, but some of my colleagues have just sort of disappeared. Maybe they’ve decided to move elsewhere. It’s strange, since I would have thought they would have let me know. Anyway, fill me in on everything that’s happening there!

    1. Esteban Rodrigo says:

      Hola Steve! Gracias amigo! I truly do lead a blessed life, mi familia es mi vida. I teach la filosofía in the University. I have a broader background in architecture, but it’s not where my true passion lies, it was more just my practical fall back plan to appease my mother some years ago. I couldn’t be more pleased with the my students, so willing to take a critical eye to the inner workings of our society and all to eager to keep me in my office arguing different theories for hours-much to Rosa’s dismay you can imagine. That does sound strange about your colleagues, we’ve recently had a few unexpected resignations-in fact some of our most beloved faculty haven’t returned to work for some time, I guess they ran out of steam? Must be something in the air. Anyway Buenas Noches Q dios te bendigas!

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