March 3rd, 2000

Dear Diary,

Today, after over a year of exhaustible legal proceedings in London, Augusto Pinochet has returned to Chile. His first public act, just after getting off of his plane, was to stand up from his wheelchair in order to show to his supporters that he was still the strong man he thinks he always was. This petty man doesn’t understand what will be coming to him soon enough. The precedents that were set by the courts of both Spain and London point to a bright future for the people affected by genocide and dictatorships. What Spain set forth, by arresting Pinochet in London through the force of an international arrest warrant, was that certain crimes are so egregious that they constitute as crimes against humanity and therefore can be tried in any court in the world. These crimes fall under the principles of universal jurisdiction. Additionally, the courts in England, by ruling that he could not hide behind the immunity of being a former head of state, eradicated Pinochet’s last line of defense against prosecution. Pinochet thinks he has survived this most recent attempt for justice against him. He has not. This most recent attempt marks the beginning of the end for Augusto Pinochet and hopefully the same for other tyrants around the world who still live to this day and used their powers subjugate others.

Unfortunately my mother will not be able to witness Pinochet’s conviction. She passed a couple of years ago; May 3rd 1997 to be exact. This happened only mere weeks after she came to the realization that my father, her husband, was truly murdered many years back. She came to this realization after she had spoken with a friend of ours who had lived in our village with us. Her friend, thinking our mother was in a more stable state, had openly reminisced about our father’s courageousness in speaking out, amongst small groups friends, against Pinochet’s tyranny. She also mentioned his courage in doing so even while knowing there were Pinochet supporters in our town, some of whom had been present during our father’s conversations. My mother came back to our house a mess, broken down into pieces. The final months of her life were spent in and out of depression, even including two attempts on her life. Thankfully, though, when she did indeed pass, she did so peacefully in her sleep.

Thankfully, my son, who was born soon after my last diary entry and named Jorge Garcia, and my daughter can be here to witness what is to come. Both of my children have dealt with their issues since learning of our country’s love for a man we know is a murderer. My daughter went through a spell of nightmares a couple of years back that dealt with her anxieties and insecurities with the world. Mari would often ask me why our country loves such a terrible man. What could I possibly tell my daughter, such a young girl, as a reason behind this nonsense? How could I explain to her how so many people have failed to bring this tyrant to justice? However, she has been able to get over many of her insecurities, thanks entirely to my wonderful and loving wife. She always responds to to the obstacles in her life with kindness and understanding. I am truly blessed that the qualities that I love so dearly in my wife are being passed down to my daughter. My son has dealt with more issues as he is, at times, very poorly behaved and I have even heard from his teachers that he bullies several students in his class. I believe that his need to dominate is directly tied to the knowledge that his grandfather’s dominator has lived such a great life without repercussions. My son’s world has essentially been framed by the notion that cheaters prosper, and even more so, that the dominators will never have to respond to the victimized. The events of these last almost two years and what will soon occur in Chile, I hope, will set straight in my son the morality of human nature. While it took much longer than it should have, the violators will have to answer for their crimes and that no one is above anyone else.

Soon, my family and Chile as a collective nation, will be able to heal together.

Until again,


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  1. ssvolk says:

    Hi, Pablo. Congratulations on the birth of your son. It sounds like you have a wonderful and loving family. It’s very hard to know what our children are reacting to. But we, all of us living in Chile, are children of this last period that we have been through. I’m quite convinced that how we deal with Pinochet, now that he’s back in the country, will say much about how we as a country will move on from here. We can only hope for the best.

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