March 3, 2000

Today Pinochet returned to Chile from London. He’s been there under arrest for a few years now. The arrest and now return to Chile has brought a lot of questions and discussion to the surface among my family that had been dormant for a while. I mean we went through the truth and reconciliation commissions in Chile during the transition to democracy, but now having it thrown in our face that another country declares he committed war crimes, human rights violations, etc, it’s hard to swallow. So far democracy has functioned quite smoothly, in fact, next week the 3rd president, Ricardo Lagos will come into office. I’d prefer to just keep it that way. Things are moving along; we’re moving forward, let people disagree about what happened—it’s in the past! But with Pinochet’s return, there is more talk, my son tells me that my 10 year old grandson has caught wind of it all and is asking questions that are hard to answer. My son does his best though. How do you talk to a 10 year old about something so complicated?

Maybe I’m mulling this over too much because I don’t have school to take my mind off of things: today marks my first day as a retired woman. The school year started today, and I am not there. 40 years of teaching! It’s sad not to be there, in some ways I can’t believe it, I feel they’ve just extended summer break and I will be starting up again next week. But no, it’s true. It’s really hardly hit me because I do actually have plenty to do at home unfortunately what with father being sick. He has nurses come to the house every few days but it doesn’t look good. For now, I care for him, and my brother and Daniela come by too. It’s so good to have them close by!

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  1. ssvolk says:

    I can’t believe that you’re retired, Paula, but yes, 40 years in a classroom is probably enough! You’ll miss your students, I bet. And now Pinochet is back with us. It’s hard to know how we will move ahead while he’s still here, though, particularly since everyone has been clamoring for him to be tried in this country, not the UK or Spain. Will Chile follow through?

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