March 3, 2000

For a brief moment, we thought we had it. An arrest that took so long to manifest, has evaporated almost immediately. And now, he is coming back to Chile. That he would be allowed to return on the grounds of his bad health is an insult to us all. That he would be allowed a trial before a jury is more compassion than he deserves, more than he granted any of his victims.
It is different, when justice is out of reach. It is a daydream, a romantic fantasy. Of course you want it, but you are not so angry that you do not have it, for it appears that you cannot have it.
This is not the same, not since they arrested him. On that day, I thought–We all thought, that it was finally time. He would be forced to admit his crimes, and we could have what little vindication was left for us. But that was taken away from us. No. This is not the same.

2 thoughts on “March 3, 2000

  1. ssvolk says:

    I’m just as angry as you, Fernando, but I don’t regret his coming back to Chile. For months now his supporters have been clamoring on about how he should be sent back, and Chile is the only country that can put him on trial. So OK. He’s back. Now put him on trial!

  2. Fernando says:

    I guess my anger came from a fear that he will not be put on trial in Chile, regardless of what his supporters are saying

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