Losing a War but Uniting Against the idiots

Hola amigos!

Well mi pais has completely lost it going to war for Las Malvinas and suffering a pathetic defeat. But I’m smiling and sabes porque? Because if there were any doubt left concerning the inefficacy of this military government amongst the citizens of Argentina by now it ought to be good and gone. At the beginning of this idiotic war some of my neighbors hung flags outside their homes, no doubt trying to play safe and look like good patriotic gente and who could blame them? But you better be sure that all of those flags were packed away come this morning-tucked away in closets with any remaining faith in this violent government. If patriotism must die in order for this government to fail, than so be it.

I smile too because Rosa and the kids have moved back in. We sense this government will not stand much longer, it can’t. And well, two married people cannot live apart for so long it’s wrong, I cannot miss anymore moments of my babies lives so here we all are again under one roof and I am one happy papi. Still, I must worry about them constantly and feel the guilt of putting them at risk, but better I have them close and I will protect them.

I have almost finished my work on the bank and am looking for anymore projects that might bring in some more money for the family because it is still unsafe to return to my students. Rosa has begun work at a panadería nearby but she must wake at 4 am every day to start the baking so I have to get the kids ready for school and church cada mañana which has been a challenge (sometimes I have to dump water over their heads to surprise them out of sleep!) but they are growing very fast and will soon be out in the universities, I prey with a better government in power. Chao for now!



1 thought on “Losing a War but Uniting Against the idiots

  1. ssvolk says:

    Hi, Rey. How good that you’re back with Rosa and the kids. Tell me where Rosa is working. I’ll bet that she is making some incredible media lunas. I’ll stop by and get some. I don’t think the government will last long. Qué fracaso más grande – to chase out after the UK like a dog after a truck that’s rumbling by…and when the truck turns and heads at you, you run home with your tail between your legs. If it weren’t for all those poor boys who were killed, I’d laugh. But, at least, their time is almost done.

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