letter of introduction to Maite’s parents

Queridos Señor y Señora Cruz,

It’s good to finally write to you, and I’m looking forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible. I believe you have already heard a bit about me Maite, but she wanted me to introduce myself formally. Last week I proposed to Maite and she said yes, as long as both of our families approved. So now I am writing to you to introduce myself. My name is Joaquin Alvarez Torres. I’m 23 years old. Maite works at my mother’s laundry and I drive the truck to pick up and drop off the linens around Santiago. I’ve been working at my mother’s laundry for 7 years now. Maite has been working at the laundry for about a year, since she moved to the city, and we have been courting most of that time (under the supervision of my parents, of course). I’m the third in the family (which means my brother Jorge will likely inherit the laundry business) but I will always have a place driving the truck and will be able to provide for your daughter.

I hope that you can come to Santiago for the wedding. I know it’s a long way from Osorno but it would mean a lot to Maite. If you could make it to Concepcion Maite and I would drive out the rest of the way to pick you up in the laundry truck. It has been very hard on her not being able to see you for the last two years. She told me she thought that I would get along well with you, Señor Cruz, because we both vote Christian Democrat. Please write back if it would be possible to arrange a visit. If not we understand – we know it is very difficult for you to leave your crops.

Please let us know by return letter what you think of Maite and I getting married and if you will be able to come to Santiago for the wedding.

Con cariño,


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  1. ssvolk says:

    Hola, Joaquín – what a lovely letter to your new in-laws, and congratulations on your impending marriage! (I hope you don’t mind me reading your letters!!) It seems an auspicious time to start a new life with your wife, what with so many changes in our country. You sound like a fine young man and I’m sure the Cruz’s will approve of the marriage. Con mucha suerte.

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