June 25, 1978

Hi Mom and Dad,

I’m sorry that I haven’t written in a while. It’s been a tough battle, and I feel the days traveling in a blur, with no idea what is happening some of the time. Today, I want to be happy for Argentina. I have followed football ever since I was a little boy and the World Cup used to be the event that I looked forward to more than anything else. I learned in school that when some survivors of the Holocaust were freed, they had completely lost their faith in God. While the current state of Argentina is not like that of Nazi Germany, I too feel myself losing faith in a higher power. I remember writing to you that this new government would not last a long time, but I can’t help but lose faith after all of the pain and suffering that I have seen. We’ve had some victories, but so many more defeats, and where are the people? We are busy celebrating a victory that is marred in the hands of a corrupt and illegal government!

Not only have we ignored the horrible suffering in this country, we paid off the Peruvians to win, and we call this honor? Football was the one thing in my life that felt clean and reminded of innocence; of my time as a child. Of course those government putas would find a way to take this from me. I can’t imagine how anyone can give a shit about the football game when there are so many deaths, when so many are taken from us. I’m sorry to vent to you after not speaking for so long, but I guess I needed someone to talk to. I can’t reveal my activities, but I do send all of my love. I hope that you don’t feel abandoned; my heart goes out to you in the worst time of my life; the time when football was finally torn from my heart; when innocence was completely lost. Send my love to Pablo, I miss his connection more than ever right now. Can you believe that it’s been 10 years since we last saw each other? It feels like an eternity, and I pray for the days when we can finally live in peace.

All my love,

Roberto Rodriguez Clemente

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