June 21, 2008 Final Refection in Avatar’s Voice

It’s the dead of winter and it’s so cold in the house! I’m happy though. I have the fire going, and I’m knitting (well, now I’m writing) with Koko the cat and a nice thick blanket on my lap. My family is here, as all the grandkids have just started winter break. Francisco and Dani are playing the guitar and singing together. The grandkids are running around in a pack together. They’re getting so big! Starting to worry they’re going to break something in the house. I’m watching the news with one eye. Bachelet said something or other, you know, the usual. But sometimes I just stop and think about how much time has gone by, how things have changed. I have piles and piles of diaries in my room that I’ve filled over the years. I’ve been reading through them…I have a lot of free time being retired. And they’re with the most boring things really, but on the other hand this is my life and I’ve seen some things! I remember when I was a brand new teacher, just married, before the kids were born. And the coup, how naïve I was politically, we all were. Look, this is what I said: “Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for, the military take over!” Little did we know what it would turn into. I still have colleagues who stand by Pinochet. But I don’t, I can’t after knowing what he did to Chileans. But, although I was peripherally aware of that as it was going on, it wasn’t until after, when the reports came out, and people started to talk more openly, that I really understood what happened. I mean, remember, and I just reread about I was even tentatively supporting Pinochet at the time of the plebiscite. I didn’t know what to do! I was scared of what might come. But it has been smooth. And I’m glad for that.
And here we are, 3 generations later. My kids with their own kids. It has been so beautiful to watch them become parents. I’m lucky to have a family that is so close to each other. And now, Daniel is in his last year of high school! He hopes to go the University of Santiago. But we will see where he gets in! I secretly hope he goes somewhere in Valparaiso or Viña and that he stays at home with me, at least for a year. You know, keep an eye on him. He says he doesn’t want to stay in La Serena. He’s a good student; I think he can go wherever he wants. I hope he stays out of trouble, but somehow I don’t think he will. He’s a sweet boy, but very restless, always trying to go out into the streets if there’s a protest, apparently he’s pretty active at his high school. But he assures me he knows how to stay safe. I fear he doesn’t have any fear of authority—he needs a healthy dose of humility. Well, we’ll see. Only time will tell what’s in store for the Martinez family.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Gracias, Paula, for sharing your life’s journey with me, if only through this journal. Daniel sounds like he’s a lovely boy and I’m sure he’ll do well.

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