June 14, 1982:

Madre, padre, y Pablo,

What a day for the Argentinian people! The government has been getting weaker and weaker in its support, and the junta just got another blow after the embarrassment of this war.

For the first time in many years, I feel the hope that I once felt when I was a young boy, entering college for the first time and feeling invincible. For one thing, I’ve been able to write almost a letter a year! Either we’re getting better, or the junta is losing it (I’m guessing both). The world is starting to wake up, our fights are getting stronger, and now the junta is looking weaker than ever. Luciano Menéndez even showed three years ago that the government is not strong internally, and this was helped by Videla and Viola stepping down as leaders. Galtieri can’t possible have a long time in this post, not after the pressure placed by the rest of the world.

The government, facing tons of pressure (Adolfo Pérez Esquivel winning the Nobel Prize, the American newspapers showing the horrible tragedies taking place) tried to pull the oldest trick in the book, starting a war to create huge waves of nationalism and distract the public from horrible things happening within our own country. Unfortunately for the stupid junta, they messed with the wrong enemy, and the British won handily. The junta won’t let you know this, but they got absolutely humiliated and they are going to face a really mad population. I can’t wait for the people to raise against this government and finally, finally they have screwed up badly enough for the possibility of a full blown riot to take place. Better days are coming, I can feel it! As always, all my love to all of you!

-Roberto Rodriguez Clemente



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