Introduction- Fernando Sepulveda Rios.

What a time to be young– All possibilities are open to me. And a real opportunity, one to be a part of something bigger– to help those less fortunate than myself.

Father says that when I finish up at the universidad, I’ll be joining a world very different from the one that welcomed him after graduation. I can see it. Things are changing. The people want more. Chile wants more.

and, it would seem, that finally, Chile will get what it deserves. Even the inquilinos. No longer will the masses be used for the advancement of the few. Chile is going to see the fruits of its labor. On this, Father and I agree.

I have been blessed with parents who have always valued & supported my education. Both teachers, they succeeded in instilling within me a lust for knowledge without pushing me in any particular direction. After graduation, I aim to pursue my studies as a doctor, but we will see what the next few years hold in store…

2 thoughts on “Introduction- Fernando Sepulveda Rios.

  1. ssvolk says:

    Hola, Fernando. A good time, indeed, one that is filled with hope (and lots of challenges). What are you studying at the university? What carrera will you choose? You sound like you support our new president? Tell me why? I’m also a supporter!

  2. Fernando says:

    Hola Steve,
    I studied biology, in hopes of becoming a doctor. I support Allende because he seeks to share Chile’s wealth with all of its people. He wants to give access to the most basic needs to those who are currently struggling, raising pay while keeping food prices down., to educate the population so that they might become self sufficient. His plans are for a stronger, unified Chile

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