29 September 1968

Hello! My name is Javier Ludkowicz. I was born on May 25 1940 in Santa Fe, Argentina. Both of my parents emigrated from Lithuania in the early 1920s. They met as young doctorate students in Buenos Aries, and moved to Santa Fe after my father was granted a tenured professorship in the English department. Santa Fe was, and continues to be a thriving immigrant enclave. The Santa Fe province was also once the home of a sizable Jewish population. My parents moved in tight-knit intellectual circles, rarely leaving the confines of the university. I haven’t really deviated far from my parents: I am currently pursuing a doctorate in Linguistics at the University in Santa Fe.


Recently, I’ve been growing restless. For one, the tides of anti-antisemitism are growing stronger. I’ve begun to question my Jewish identity in relation to my Argentinian citizenship, and am growing fearful that the two may render themselves mutually exclusive. I have also been thinking of moving to Buenos Aries. The spirit of Santa Fe is stifling, as the Jewish community has waned since Peron left.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Hola, Javier. Good to meet you, and I hope you won’t mind my reading your posts from time to time. I’m also a student, but in Buenos Aires. Things are lively at the UBA, where I study history – maybe too lively, what with peronistas and comunachos and all sorts of reactionary folks running around making life difficult for each other. But anyway, tell me more about what you’re interested in and what you like to do.

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