Dear Pen Pal,

My name is Adriana Medina Sciacca. My favorite food is empanadas, but I also like ravioli. I am 13 years old. I live in Argentina, on my father’s orange-farm outside of San Salvador de Jujuy. It’s always hot here- is it like that where you live? My father is Arturo Medina. The farm used to belong to my grandpa, now it belongs to him. My mom is Gioia Sciacca, she’s pretty nice. I also have an aunt and two uncles. My uncles go to mass with us on Sundays. My mom says I have more aunts and uncles in Sicily, in Italy. I’ve never met them, though. I think it would be cool to meet them. I think some of them might have kids who are my cousins, which would be cool because I don’t have any cousins here. I have a little brother named Pedro, but he just bothers everyone. School is okay. Classes are okay. I like math. I have two friends at school, Laura and Marcela, they’re pretty funny. There’s Julia too, I guess she’s kind of my friend. I like to draw and write poems in my free time, maybe next time I can send you a poem I wrote. Do you like to do any of those things? Do you like empanadas?

Adriana Medina Sciacca


3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. ssvolk says:

    Hi, Adriana. Empanadas and ravioli! How wonderful. Ravioli are OK, but I love empanadas. Which do you prefer: de pino or queso? They’re both good. So what’s your school like? Do you ever work on your papa’s farm? Send along a poem. I’d love to read it.

  2. Malena Acosta Ramos says:

    Hey! I’m also from Argentina, but I live outside Buenos Aires so we’re kind of far from each other. That’s so cool that you live on an orange farm – if I lived on an orange farm, I would eat them all the time and then I would have none left to sell. I have a brother who also bothers me, but he’s older than I am. Brothers are the worst, aren’t they?

  3. Carlota says:

    Hi Adriana! I also live in Argentina, but in the capital. Jujuy is far away! I don’t know anything about farming — my Dad has always worked downtown and my mom only has a nice little garden out back. Now I live in Buenos Aires where there are buses and millions of cars. When you get a little older you should come to Buenos Aires! There are so many poets here and cafes where you can go to read. Sometimes I even like going to poetry readings!

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