I Am Nacho!


Hola! Que tal? I am going to introduce myself because papa told me to. He told me not to begin by saying that but sometimes I don’t listen! My name is Ignacio León. There’s my middle name – Augusto. And also my mother’s name – Rodriguez. I really like that name. So I am really Ignacio Augusto León Rodriguez. Many laugh at how long my full name is and even if that makes me embarrassed sometimes, I think so too! So that is why my friends at school and my family call me Nacho. I like that name the most! So I will try and use it for as long as I can.

I am 9 years old. Almost 10 though! I will turn 10 on September 30th and I cannot wait to have two numbers in my age. Many people tell me that I am very talkative but well-spoken for my age. I don’t know what they mean, it all feels natural to me! I really just say what comes into my head. Anyway, I live 20 minutes away from Santa Rosa, where I was born. Santa Rosa is in Argentina by the way! I do really love my home.

We live outside of the city because my father works on an estancia that he says is 45 minutes away. That sounds pretty far to me. A quite wealthy family owns it. I think their name is Belmont? Papa works very hard all day in the sticky heat and through the bitter winds. I wish I could see him more as he only can spend time at home on Sundays. My mama I see a lot more. She is mostly at home taking care of my baby sister Rosario. She is very young, my sister. I think 2? Maybe three years old? Sometimes mama drives into town on the weekends to buy groceries and maybe watch a film at the cinema. She has started to trust me with Rosario! I was surprised when I first heard this. I love to take care of my sister. She is sometimes smelly but usually quiet and looks at you in strange but nice ways with her amazing eyes. Te amo mucho, mi familia!

Look at these pretty photos of Santa Rosa my father showed me! He says they were taken around the year I was born, so 1960. I think the city is very fun but want to go there more. The people are so interesting: they laugh and yell and walk around holding hands all day. I wonder if it’s the same in Buenos Aires…

Centro_Cívico_de_Santa_Rosa_(Años_1960) Plaza_San_Martín_(Santa_Rosa,_La_Pampa,_años_'60)

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Hola, Nacho. What a pleasure to meet such a well-spoken and polite young man. And you are a young man, you know, now that you’re almost into the double digits! Thanks you for sending me the photos of Santa Rosa. I live in Buenos Aires, which is a lot bigger and where people seem to rush around a lot. But every once in a while I go to the Plaza de Mayo, right in the center of town, and just sit on the benches and watch people. You’ll have to come and visit some time!

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