Ganó el No

6 October 1988
In the end, I voted No.
It seems like its really for real but I don’t really believe it. Part of me thinks that Pinochet won’t allow this victory of the No to happen. I know he has the power not to. I think though that it is for real: they announced it on TV last night. We were all at my house, watching the TV together. They announced it quite late at night. My children were very happy and my grandkids were running around they were just happy to stay up late and that their parents were happy. Rosa was in her neighborhood, they gathered to see it at a friends house. Needless to say people there are very happy. I really hope that protests don’t break out. In any case, I don’t know who would start it but I really hope that doesn’t happen. I am tired of the streets being unpredictable. There is so much unknown, I don’t know what the next year will look like, I don’t know what the elections will be like. Will they feel legitimate like they used to feel before the military rule? I am just happy that my family is happy at this point. I’ve never been one for disorder or protest but after so many years of mixed messages and fear and disorder I am hoping for change so long as it is orderly. Fingers crossed for no protests.

1 thought on “Ganó el No

  1. ssvolk says:

    I think that there were a lot of people like you, Paula. Saying “Sí,” but finally voting “No.” I like to think that it was the “real” chileno” in them coming out, the ones who might have been with the dictatorship for a long time but, in the end, and when given a chance, said no. And, like you, I’m very uncertain as to where this all is going and whether Pinochet will allow himself to NOT be president.

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