First Diary Post: August 1, 1970

Dear (Marco’s) Diary,

I am writing for my son, Marco Vasquez Rivera. He is very excited to begin keeping a diary. However, as he is only 10 years old, I decided to give him an example of a post from which he can draw inspiration.

We live in Valparaiso, Chile, where his father is a mid-level government bureaucrat who helps regulate the copper mining industry. I keep the house in tip-top shape and take care of Marco and his rambunctious younger sister, Isabella. I love to hear them laughing as they chase each other through the hedges when I am tending to our garden. Marco is a bright young boy who is about to enter the fifth grade. He has memorized all the names of the plants in our garden and can recite hymns by heart when we are at church. His father says that he could have a long and successful career in government as long as the Christian Democrats stay in power. With the upcoming election, that is appearing less and less certain, and we fear Chile might stray from the middle path that has guided it sensibly so far.

In any case, enough about politics. This is Marco’s diary, and all future posts will be coming straight from him. Goodbye!

Maria Rivera Cortes

1 thought on “First Diary Post: August 1, 1970

  1. ssvolk says:

    Hola, Marco and Marco’s mamá. Thanks for sharing this with me. It sounds like Marco has a wonderful family that will support him in whatever he does. He’s very lucky!

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