First Diary Entry: August 2nd 1970

Dear Diary,

My name is Catalina Compos Herrera and you were my present for my tenth birthday. Daddy says that now that I am getting older I should write down my feelings on things so I will always be able to look back at changes in my life and how I felt about them. I don’t know about that seems kind of silly to me but I talked to mom about it and she said it was a good idea and that remembering what happens in life is important. I heard mom and dad talking the other day and they said lots of things were going to change with this election. I don’t really understand how an election will change things though. There was an election in school the other week and Victor got elected and he didn’t do anything all he did was try give us more recess but the teacher said no. I don’t understand how an election will change anything if the person elected can not do anything. Dad says that is not how it works in the grown up world. He says that Allende will bring power to the workers and bring prosperity to all of Chile. The election is all Mom and Dad pay attention to, they constantly read news papers or listen to the radio. I look at pictures in the newspaper sometimes and I don’t really like Allende, he looks old and wrinkly like grandpa.   But dad tells me that it is important to vote in the interest of our class. I don’t really know what that means though. He just told me I would understand when I was older. Mom is telling me to go to bed.


-Good night diary

2 thoughts on “First Diary Entry: August 2nd 1970

  1. ssvolk says:

    Hola, Catalina. Thanks for sharing your diary with me! You sound like a very smart little girl – if presidents can’t get us more recess, what good are they for anyway! But pay attention to what your mamá and papá say. They sound like they’re smart, too. Probably where you got it from!

    1. catalinacamposherrera says:

      Thank you Mr. Volk, I do try to do what my parents say, they are smart but sometimes I just don’t know what they see in politics. They say it changes things but I have a hard time agreeing with them.

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