Final Reflection

The Avatar Project was a challenge for me. I wish I had been able to devote more attention to it over the course of the semester. I fell behind post mid-terms an   d feel I wasn’t able to fresh out Javier to the fullest capacity.

I found that my avatar demanded a fair amount of additional research. I felt almost boxed in from the beginning— my avatar was definitely more of a niche than an everyman. I responded to this by trying to make him as specific as possible. I learned a tremendous amount about aspects of the Dirty War and junta that I probably wouldn’t have accessed in any other way. While orienting Javier’s life around certain specific details and certain events was sometimes a little too demanding (hence, my prolonged leave of absence), I found it to be incredibly informative. Learning about La Opinion and Jacobo Timmerman over the course of the period was absolutely fascinating

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Thanks for your comments. Your decision to place yourself as a journalist gave you an important narrative arc, and helped focus your passage through time.

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