Chile 1985

Chile is angry, and we heard her say so last week. In Algarrobo, there was a massive earthquake. Many dead, many injured, even more displaced. We are angry too, so why does she punish us? We want Pinochet gone as well, but these rumblings punish those already punished by his rule. We already suffered in ’82, when the economy worsened our hardships. So why does Chile destroy our homes, and yet Pinochet sleeps easily in his bed? Maybe Chile is angry that there are some who are beginning to profit once again. Much of the money that is made is from the sale of Chile’s copper stores, so maybe she is angry at how her wayward children have abused her kindness for so long.
I have not heard from my parents, and I fear the worst. It is known that Pinochet cooperates with those Argentine asesinos. I thought them safe, with different names and unthreatening jobs, working for my mother’s family, but the condor reaches far and I fear they may have suffered the fate they fled to escape. How cruel is it, that they lost their motherland, and I lost my mother.

2 thoughts on “Chile 1985

  1. ssvolk says:

    I was worried about your parents going to Argentina, Fernando. Things were no safer there. But, with the military gone in that country, it gives us hope that we can do the same here. At least the demonstrations are beginning again. Will you go to Argentina to see what you can find out about your parents?

  2. Fernando says:

    I think that I may– I have been so tied up in Chile that I think I need to see something else for a change. Their disappearance is a wound that has not yet healed, and knowing that I made some effort to find them could help ease the pain

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