Chile 1975

Things are worse now– the empty offices at my father’s Universidad outnumber the occupied ones.They don’t even take their names off of the glass anymore, they just linger on, although people to which they belong are nowhere to be found.
Papa plans to leave any time now with Mama. They are headed to stay with my mother’s family in Argentina…they begged me to follow them, and although the offer is tempting, I cannot just leave a job unfinished. Through the connections of a former peer of mine, I have been working to continue what Allende started, educating the uneducated, teaching the illiterate how to read, among other things that I will refrain from putting in to writing. My parents recognize the danger of what I am doing, but they will not try to discourage me. After all, I am only able to do this by the grace of the virtues instilled in me, and the values taught to me, by them. I am working so that they can return to a better Chile–so that there is a Chile for them to return to.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    I hope your parents do well in Argentina. Things seem almost as chaotic there as they are terrible here in Chile. In any case, your respect for them is clear as is your desire to put into action much of what they must have taught you. Do be careful!

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