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It’s funny to think how long it’s been since I last spoke to you. I remember those early days…sitting under the large cherry tree in the front yard, telling you about my comically long name, my father (or, should I say, papa) and how Santa Rosa awed me as a nine year old.

A lot has changed yet most things also haven’t. Rosario is growing up to be quite a beautiful and bright young girl. She still surprises me every day! Surely the boys at school must be going crazy after her…or soon enough they will. They’d be foolish not to. Papa still works on the estate, thank God, but has been appearing quite stressed as of late. It seems like his work is constantly on the line of continuing as it always has, or, and it scares me to say this, stopping entirely. But I have faith in him, as I always have. He has always been the best example of a hard-working spirit. Mama has a little more free time now that Rosario is nine years old. She still needs some discipline, some distinction between right and wrong, but Mama’s duties are far less numerous than even five years ago. Rosario has gotten into a habit of asking many questions now – about certain things she hears going on in Buenos Aires, about stories boys in her year tell her about their older brothers and sisters and uncles joining parties, going on strikes and so on. Mama does a very good job at answering them, I am sure of it. Rosario’s eager and questioning mind reminds me much of myself. Maybe she is feeding off seeing me hunched over at my desk and reading books all night…

Today is a strange day. I am under the cherry tree again, as always. The fall wind is carrying something unknown in it, a certain silence that covers the landscape. Yes, there is indeed a strange silence around today, nothing quite like I’ve observed before. But of course it is still a beautiful day, and the colors are especially rich today. Mama is inside now listening to the radio. I can hear the static and muffled voices. She too is silent, paying a lot of attention to what she is listening to. If anything, it is as if she is listening for something. Rosario’s usual light, pleading and curious voice can’t be heard from the kitchen as it usually can once we return from school. Strange.

Something occurred last night, but I am not yet sure what. I have been too busy studying for my exams in political history. I suppose I should go and see what has happened, but I shall wait for father to return home in a couple of hours and speak to him. He enjoys unwinding after a long day and speaking to me for hours on end at the kitchen table.

Something in the air, the landscape, the scent of our province has changed. Changed for good and not changing back for the foreseeable future…

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Hi, Nacho. Being here in Buenos Aires I know what happened – the milicos finally decided to get rid of Isabel and, hopefully, put an end to the chaos that has been plaguing our country for the last few years. They’ve done this so many times in the past, I can hardly keep track. But I expect they’ll make some noises, arrest a few people, and then turn to the Radicals as they always seem to do. Hope you’re all OK there.

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