Checking in

When I said that things were changing, this is not what I meant. Chile’s destiny now seems further away than ever before. The country mourns in secret for Papa Allende. It has been only a month, and already I mourn for Chile, mourn for her peoples.
It is quiet now at the University. The offices of Professor Vasquez and Molina are vacant, but you can still see where their names used to be on the glass panel. They are not just taking people in the night. Some are taken in broad daylight. On the busses, in the parks. Teachers, students, workers, anyone who wants something different than they do.
Papa says not to despair, not to give up, but it is easier said than done. Soon, the only people left will be the kidnappers, and those too afraid to do anything.
Mama says even the children at her school are quiet, as if in mourning. No doubt their parents have told them that things are different now, omitting a few important details. There are some things that children should not have to know.
Amongst my closest friends we have some agreement– it is better to do something, than do nothing, and in this conflict, there will be no middle ground. The junta will not permit it.

2 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. Luciano Castillo Garcia says:

    I almost went to University. I can tell that things have changed, but how was it before, during Allende? Was it hard to leave your home and go there? What are you studying?
    For some months after I made my decision to stay at home, I regretted it terribly, waking up in the night and dreaming of it all, of the buildings and the people and the studies. I think I would have studied Finance, or Economics. I think I have a good head for math, at least, father would always tell me so.
    Good luck,
    Luciano (You can call me Luca if you want)

  2. ssvolk says:

    Hola, Fernando. It’s always better to do something, but you also need to be very careful in what you do these days. What are the other students saying in the University?

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