Avatar: A Reflection

This project has been a difficult yet rewarding experience. I have found the process of writing through another, invented person’s perspective to be eye-opening and complicated. I would often think about what would happen next in my Avatar’s life for a week or two in advance of writing a specific post, and I came up with some longer term ideas right at the beginning of the project. I feel that I could have included more media in my postings, but I also feel that my avatar, as a lower class man struggling to support himself and his mother, did not have the resources to really provide photographs or videos in this format, since presumably the postings were actually journal entries, although some of the postings leave this aspect ambiguous.

I felt that this project allowed me to connect on a deeper level to the tragic and dramatic events in both Chile and Argentina, not only though my experience with my own avatar, but also through reading other avatars’ postings. I had to think about every-day events both during and after the dictatorship, and how the events throughout this period of 40 years would be reflected in the lives of an individual. This project also allowed me to connect more strongly to the readings from the course, and using what I learned from them in my avatar postings helped me create more realistic entries. I think that this project has been an incredible experience and that it should stay a part of this course. Because of the dense and difficult course material, it really needs this added aspect of personal connection and the individual perspective for most of this graphic history to truly come to life for the student. I just want to thank you Professor Volk for giving me this opportunity to explore this subject to this extent in such a creative and expressive manner.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Thank you, Luciano — for I will continue to think of you as “Luciano” — for your comments. I’m glad the project proved worthwhile for you.

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