August 5th 1976.

Yesterday Bishop Angelelli was killed. Everything that has happened in the past months has been so unexpected, so unlike anything I ever thought possible, that I don’t know why this should shock me so deeply, but it does. Since the Junta has taken power, we have heard nothing from them that does not profess to being doing the work of God and Christendom, how can this extend to the murder of a Bishop for protecting his flock? I knew Bishop Angelelli very slightly, we had met when he was a priest and later the Auxiliary Bishop here in Cordoba, still I have a very clear impression and memory of him. He was dedicated to the Church and to the people, truly convoked that they could only be served together.  

I said yesterdays events shouldn’t surprise me, and its true, I know at least two priests, friends from the MSTM, who have been arrested. I think back to the days when it seemed possible that a few hundred men and women of faith could change this country fro the better, now it seems that three supposed men of faith have change this country into a place I hardly recognize. I think back also to the days 1955 when the church lead the country into the “Liberating Rebellion” through the strength of its voice. Today the church leads Argentina down an even darker path through its silence. When will this end? When will the Church speak for the people? It has seen the persecution of its children and the martyrdom of one of its own, will this be enough? 

2 thoughts on “August 5th 1976.

  1. ssvolk says:

    I’m so pleased to hear from you again, Sister Clara. I have been missing your voice. Like you, I am greatly disheartened by what I see here. I had some hope (foolish, seemingly) that the military would come in as they often have done to calm things down and then stepped out again. But maybe it’s a fever that is consuming the continent as they are still here, just like in Brazil and Chile. And who knows when we will exit from this? But tell me what you are doing in the Church to face your superiors who support the military? Is there any way to oppose them?

    1. Sister Clara says:

      The most basic way to oppose them is to continue the work helping and feeding the poor. They want all Argentines to stand alone, we must insure that they continue to stand together. Their Proceso calls for the society to forget its collective responsibilities to care for those amongst us who need our support. We must remember the what God expects of us and what we must expect of each other.

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