Argentina, 2005: hope for justice

Over twenty years after our country returned to democracy, we have seen the start to a hope for justice.  When the laws pardoning the junta were repealed two years ago, I wondered if we would see prosecutions.  Today, Scilingo was convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Spain, and he will rot in jail for the remainder of his life.  A jail sentence cannot balance the crimes that he committed, but it is the closest to justice that we can get in this life.  At the very least, his crimes have been made public, as has his conviction, and that is a statement in and of itself.

However, this leads me wondering where we as a nation will go from here.  Almost a generation has passed since the dictatorship, and I believe that for the good of our youth and their understanding of their parents’ history and morality, that we continue with the prosecution of people who were complicit in the crimes of the junta.  If we do not succeed in showing that we collectively condemn the acts of people associated with the dictatorship, then we will be seen as the generation of a moral failure in the judgment of history.

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