April 20, 1976

Hi Mom and Dad,

I’m sorry that I haven’t found a way to write back before today. I pray that you two are all right and that my past actions won’t hurt you now. I have talked with Pablo, and I want to assure both of you that he’s perfectly healthy. I’m hiding out (I won’t write out where) and I will be safe for the time being. Those “government” pendejos won’t find me where I am unless I am betrayed, and my comrades would never do such a thing.

March 25th will be a dark day in Argentine history; the day when the working man got his wishes rejected and the rich man wins again. Personally, I’m getting tired of the rich man winning, and while Perón let us all down, I will continue the fight that he started; I will continue the movement to lift the working man from the depths that he has sunk.

I will include more details in future letters, but make sure that you stay low and don’t show these letters to anyone. In case this is my last letter, I love you both very much. Papá, I have taken your hard work and your success to heart, and I will use that work ethic every day as I try to move mountains. Mamá, I promise that I will use your belief in doing what is right to guide me as I continue on this perilous journey. This new government will not last long; we will use the people to decide the next leader!

With all my love,

Roberto Rodriguez Clemente

1 thought on “April 20, 1976

  1. ssvolk says:

    Hola, Roberto. I hope this gets to you wherever you are, and that you’re safe. I’m afraid for you and for our country. I can still remember how bad things were with Onganía – how we thought they couldn’t get worse. Now they are and it doesn’t look good. Tell me what you’re doing (I won’t let anyone know!) and if you’re safe. Cuídate, pibe.

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