April, 1976: Out of work

Earlier last year, that crazy Peron closed my newspaper, and I was left without a job.  Now, a year later, I still have no work as a reporter.  Unless I were to work for one of the few government news outlets, I will not get more work.  And what is the point of working for a news agency that is run by this junta? It’s not reporting the news; it’s reporting the news that the government tells you to report.

People are disappearing, homes are being raided, and families destroyed.  People would listen if they heard, but who would report it? Who would dare? Already, I have been arrested as a possible spy for the leftists, but I was released upon their realizing that the name “Bachmann,” while German, did not take away from the fact that I had spent almost my entire life in Argentina.

At the moment, it seems that no one is safe.  Though the hope and prayer from all of Argentina is that the junta will vacate power when the country has stabilized, I don’t believe they’ll leave unless they are forced out.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Things are very hard for journalists. Did you hear about Jacobo Timerman over at La Opinión? The life of a journalist can’t be very easy. But how are you getting by? What are things like in Buenos Aires? Do you worry about just going out? How do you hear about people who are disappearing?

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