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Remember when I told you that I would only go back to Argentina once the junta was out? Today our new president Raúl Alfonsín was sworn in and, of course, my flight to the capital happens to be on the same day. Funny, that. I actually have to take a cab to the airport really soon…but did you manage to read the latest zine? I can bring you another copy next time in case you lost it. Let me know what you think as we are trying out some new things. And please do tell me if it’s trying too hard. I greatly value and appreciate your input, I hope you know that!

So I really enjoyed the regime’s terminology when they announced they needed to seek a “democratic exit”. Just another cowardly way of saying “we’ve failed,” basically. But to be totally honest with you: I also welcome this new government whether it ends up representing a true shift to democracy or not. Obviously anything is better than that fucking nightmare the junta made into a reality but I just have this feeling about Alfonsín. Maybe it’s because the people do seem to support and like him. I do feel that he has a plan, though, that he actually knows what he’s doing. At least economically. But after what we just went through…God. Who knows where to start? Probably no one, so you just have to give it a shot. Argentina is simply “going for it” now, as they like to say here. And maybe that’s the best we can do for now. So we’ll see! I am trying to contain my optimism as you know I tend to do. So if anything goes haywire…you’ll be hearing it from me in the zine, no doubt.

But these new elections aren’t the real reason behind my brief return. I’m sorry for keeping this from you but I’ve been needing to process it all myself first. The things is, well, is that my father is sick. Really quite sick. I found out just before the summer through my family and I’s correspondences. It’s a shame, just really annoying because, goddamnit, I love that man. He is a strong, hard-working and genial man who has never done any wrong. I hate that it sometimes has to come to these kinds of circumstances for me to appreciate all that. But at the very least I am excited to just see him, and mama and Rosario, who has moved to Buenos Aires, by the way, and is enrolled in some university courses while working as a waitress. I can’t wait to show them all that I’ve been doing here in New York. My suitcase is essentially just some clothes and tons of zines. Great that I don’t have to worry about what I will and won’t be allowed to bring in anymore! And that I get to escape this cold…

Well, I should get going then. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. We’ll all be. It is important now just to be with him, to reconnect and give him warmth and love. It’s been a long time coming either way. Thanks for always listening to my ramblings. I’ll send you a letter or something, okay? Take it easy.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your father, Nacho. But I’m sure he will be overjoyed to see you. And, who knows, maybe you’ll see that Buenos Aires is the place for you now!

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