A Final Reflection

I had an overall positive experience working on the Avatar project. I never became exceptionally attached to my Avatar but I began to realize that my Avatar began to develop her views on events based on occurrences with friends and family. My Avatars husband, sons and co-workers became news sources that I would use to create my view on historical events. My Avatar would react to events and interpret them based on how other people perceived the events. The Avatars views were not created through research or strongly held opinions but rather where created by seeing how other people reacted to events. This is actually an issue that I had when writing my Avatar posts, I felt as if my Avatar became very passive in her worldview rather than being dynamically involved in events that were happening in Chile. My Avatar became an ordinary person whose primary concern was the health of herself and her family. For the project I do not think that this was an issue because I believe that many people form their opinions based on immediate surroundings and the opinions and actions of other people. However, from a writing perspective I got bored with following the same rhythms and not being actively involved in any organization. My Avatar was involved in the “NO” Campaign in her youth, but this was again due to associations with politically active members of a soup kitchen and Jorge.

The posts that I had the most fun writing were actually the earlier ones where my Avatar was a child. I enjoyed having the potential to create my own story. Towards the middle, when I settled down with a family I felt as if the trajectory of my Avatars life was relatively set. I guess that I enjoyed having a story and characters that had yet to be created, rather than feeling as if I had a limited number of paths because of the character I had developed in previous posts.

While the project was designed to only capture snap shots of a person’s life every few years I felt as if I could not develop characters outside of my immediate family. If I wanted to have a new character that I had not referred to I would have to go into a backstory that I would not necessarily explicitly think about while writing a diary entry. If I was writing in a diary I felt as if the people I mentioned would be remarked simply by name, without writing down the emotional associations I had with them in every entry. If I had to do the project again I would incorporate more characters.

Looking back at the project I wish that I had forced myself to become more involved with my Avatar and her surroundings. My Avatar would have been more dynamic in her opinion, actively participating in political and social discourse rather than passively analyzing the opinions of others.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Thanks for your reflections, Catalina (for I will continue to call you Catalina!). The challenge of the project is to capture the moments when the ordinary becomes extraordinary. This can happen, but not every year. I guess the point is to see the ways in which even our ordinary lives are shaped by forces we control and forces beyond our control.

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