29 September 1979

Big News! Timmerman  Exactly ten days ago, the Supreme Court released Timmerman in response to a habeas corpus petition. A few days later it was announced that the state of Israel that Israel would accept Timerman as a citizen. His Argentine citizen was promptly revoked the second he was stepped on the plane. It all feels very surreal. Jacobo anticipates that he’ll be in Israel before Yom Kipur. I hope his wife and three sons make it there safely. I haven’t been able to speak to Jacobo directly in quite some time, but I hear that he has an apartment in Ramat Aviv set up for him. 

In a similar vein, I was recently offered an editorial position at Maariv, the Israeli newspaper, by one of my former colleagues. Apparently Jacobo has already been commissioned to write six columns for them upon his arrival to Israel. If granted approval by the foreign ministry, I would be relocated to Tel Aviv within six months. While the offer feels auspicious–there’s nothing, or nobody here for me anymore–I feel a slight reticence.

Leaving now feels anticlimactic. Have I fought my final battle here?





1 thought on “29 September 1979

  1. ssvolk says:

    Hola, Javier. It was important that Timerman was finally released. I just hope that the world doesn’t think that just because he’s out there is nothing more to worry about here in Argentina. I’m sure that he will be an important voice once out of Argentina, but who will help the generals listen? Not him, he’s Jewish, after all, and they’re not going to believe a word he says.

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