Querido Papá,

Remember when you used to take me and Enrique to the fútbol games for our birthdays, and we’d get so excited even if our team lost? Things have been so exhilarating for us down here! Our Argentina is going to be playing in the World Cup Final! Just imagine how amazing it will be if we could win the games that we’ve hosted! People have been flooding the streets in celebration – I just got home myself. Rosa and I have been taking this chance to go out every night that there is a game, it’s been so much fun to see everyone out in public celebrating together. There’s something so invigorating about being in this massive flow of people all moving as one. I feel like I finally have a reason to be connected to my country again.

There’s a lot that’s been happening recently that makes me worry about the future of Argentina. Every day, I’m either seeing someone being escorted by the military down the sidewalk or I’m hearing about someone being pulled off of a bus somewhere. Sometimes it’s kind of scary, because until you see the police approach them, you think that they’re just everyday people. But they must have done something wrong, because otherwise they wouldn’t be in so much trouble.

But there’s been a lot of talk against Argentina. Leading up to the World Cup, so many other countries were saying bad things about our government and el Proceso. They say that our country is treating its people badly and that they shouldn’t be participating in the tournament because of it. But they don’t know what it’s been like on the ground here. Sure, sometimes it’s a little frightening and intimidating when you go out in public, but there’s a lot of things that are better now. The government is working hard to make sure that we aren’t threatened by guerillas and communists. Our economy has been more stable for the past two years than it has been in a while. And it’s not like those other countries don’t have their own problems. They’re trying to make it seem like Argentines are bad people, and we’re not. We’re just trying to live our lives and do our best for our country.

Anyways, there are more positive things to think about. Mamá is getting remarried! His name is Gabriel, and he came to the store all the time to talk to her, and then a few weeks ago he proposed! His first wife died while pregnant about ten years ago, so he says that he doesn’t want to try to have any more kids, which is okay by Mamá. Now, she’s just waiting until Enrique finds someone to marry and move out of the house! I’ve still got a couple of years until she starts pestering me to find someone, but I do love the idea of finding a house of my own someday.

Please send down blessings on Mamá’s new marriage. The last decade has been difficult for her, and both Enrique and I are glad that she will have someone with her as she grows older.


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