20 March 2013

At the age of 78, for the first time in my life I flew in an airplane. I was offered the chance to attend the inauguration of our new Pope. Several Servite Sisters in America raised money to send some of us old Argentine Sisters to Rome.  An Argentine Pope, I have not felt so proud of my country since I was a little girl. It is also good to see so many Argentines finding a reason to feel proud of their church. The last few days have been ones of excitement but also of reflection. The idea that this man, an Argentine like me, like all of us, born in this country that has been tarnished by so much hate has been chosen to speak to the world with the voice of God gives me hope. Perhaps it is naive to believe that  one person can make a difference in the world, but I do.

We started our day very early, as the roads  around the vatican were expected to become impassable as the day went on. Even so, we were among the last to squeeze into Saint Peter’s Square. We sat, on folding chair one of the Italian sisters we staying with brought, and waited for the Pope to appear. Everyone was so excited, there was singing and whole crowed seemed to be talking all at once. We were sitting near a group of Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity who had come all the way from India. They were nice young girls and I recognized myself at that age in several of them. Then all of the sudden a different energy came over the crowed and there he was. I have given my life to the service of the church, and sometimes it has felt remote to me. but here all the humility and humanity I believed was there.

Now that day is over and I am returning home, I return to thinking along old paths. Argentina has addressed one aspect of its journey towards justice. We have seen the Junta leaders finally returned to jail. But the more pervasive struggle for justice remains, the poor of our country and of all the countries of the world still suffer. I do not know if they will ever be free from that, if any revolution or miracle will ever give deliverance. I have seen so many attempts to change the world and certain things always remain the same. My work changing the world has long come to an end, but the work of so many others goes on. Even if the world never changes it is hard to believe that we can not at least change Argentina.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Thank you, hermana, for letting me come along on your life’s journey, if only through the pages of your journal. I have deeply appreciated your insights and reactions and the life you have chosen for yourself.

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