Final reflection

For me personally, the Avatar project was both the most challenging and rewarding dimension of this class. One of the hardest things for me was to translate aspects of the larger historical narrative of Chile into the everyday experiences of an individual. Speaking in the voice of my avatar, sometimes I had a hard time moving beyond commentary and reflection on the prominent historical events and themes. I always had an easier time writing blog posts when they coincided with a influential historical event, such as Pinochet’s death. There were times when because of my shallow understanding of the history, I feel like my posts lacked the subtleties that truly characterize the dynamic between history and everyday life. It was difficult to make informed decisions. For example, I had a hard time developing the familiar dimension of Francisco. Conversely, when I did have a firm grasp on the subtitles of the history, I had an easier time elaborating on the details of my avatar because I had more confidence in the creative decisions I was making. These were the times that I was able to get into it more, imagine specific moments and elaborate on the emotions that the characters were feeling. These moments were particularly rewarding.


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