14 June 1982

The amount of patriotic propaganda that has filled the newspaper for the last two months has reached levels I could not have believed possible.   Every report has been of victories written to raise the hearts of everyone. Even I, who is perhaps least qualified of anyone to speak to military matters, had a hard time believing that the tales of success and glory could be true, and now we have seen just how wrong they were.

I am horrified at the surrender, not because I hoped for victory, but because what slaughter must it have taken for this government of barbarians to countenance surrender. How many young men must have been killed to make this Junta cry “enough”, they who watch so many die every day. The media does not cover how many are dead, just as they did not cover the defeats while the war lasted, but I fear when we do learn it will be so more than anyone expects. Perhaps this will shock people into action. It is one thing lose sons and daughters one at a time, never certain what has happened to them, it will be quite another to deal with the loss of so many, and so irrefutably. The soldiers who have died in this pointless war have been murdered by the Junta as plainly as any of the disappeared. We, all argentines, must make sure that the government can not merely disappear these dead, cover them up and hope we forget.

As the psalms say “The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.” It has been a long times sense we have truly felt the blessing of peace in this county, but perhaps we will finally receive the blessing of strength. I believe this verse of scripture tells us that we will receive the strength of the Lord only when we stand together as His people, one people united against evil. The end of this war will give us the courage the come together and accept the blessing of peace.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    I hope you’re right, sister. These generals seem to only know how to fight wars, and they fail continually at that, as well. I don’t think they will be in office much longer, but will what replaces them be any better?

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