As the plebiscite approaches, I am not sure whether I should be excited or fearful. Opposition that was previously hidden behind closed doors and lowered curtains is back on the streets. It seems that the only option for Chile is a victory for NO. But what is a victory if the points are not counted? I do not trust that tramposo in a trench coat to relinquish control so easily.
If NO wins, would he realize that he had failed in his mission to change Chile? What then? does he renew his campaign of terror? I see no other options for him, besides defeat, for I am certain that violence is all an army knows how to create. We cannot allow the effort to fail. All eyes are on us now, and that gives me some comfort, but not as much as it should. All eyes have been on Chile for some time now, but they are merely those of observers. No one has stood up for us, no one has put an end to our abuse.
But things were not always like this. Things change, and soon they will change back. No man can prevent the inevitable. No matter how many are crushed, how many are silenced, we will retake Chile. If not through this plebiscite that he has given us, we will create our own opportunities, and take our freedom ourselves.
For the sake of our future, and our children, I pray it does not come to that. But if it does, and my heart tells me it will, I hope that there are enough men and women willing to do what is necessary. When I see my father again I want to be able to tell him I died like a man, not like a sick dog.

[I can’t seem to enter comments on this post, so I’ll enter them here: Like you, I worry that Pinochet only understands victory, and that if the “No” wins, as I’m sure if would if all the votes were counted, he’ll stop it. But who knows. Right now we have to do everything we can to insure that the true results are known.]

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