One of my students asked me once class had ended if I supported the university students that have been taking to the streets for the past few months.  I was pretty taken aback by the question because I thought the answer would have been obvious to her.  Amalia teased me when I complained to her about the incident at once, telling me I had to stop calling her “viejita” since my students now perceive me to be old and out of touch.  Maybe Coni and Amalia are on to something.  Maybe I am old and out of touch.  I stopped following the news longer ago than I can remember.  I voted no in the referendum..but I was 25…everyone was voting no then.  And look what that got us.

It’s not as though I support the current government…I just no longer believe in government.  The last 13 years of my country’s history has shown me that believing in government will get you nowhere.  Or maybe just dead…like Amalia’s Mata and the other thousands of missing Chilenos.  It’s not worth the effort to care anymore…nothing is going to change in Chile.  People still don’t even know what’s going on, or what went on, whichever it is.  We have all become so comfortable.

Amalia never fails to remind me about how cushy our lives are and how it is blinding us from the truth.  I try to tell her that we should be proud of how far we’ve come despite the hardships we faced, but she won’t have any of it.  She believes that our country’s economic success only exists to keep us from recognizing the truth.  She’s probably right.  I don’t know how to think of these things anymore.  I try to imagine having a conversation with myself when I was 20.  I think I would be so mad at the current Lore…but maybe I was just young and naive.  You can’t argue that Chile isn’t a better country then it was 10 years ago..just look how far we’ve come!  Isn’t that the point?  Shouldn’t we be proud of our progress?

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  1. ssvolk says:

    It’s hard to believe that the government can do something for us now, but it does also feel like things can change. But, tell me, what are you teaching? Tell me about your students. What are they interested in? What kind of music are they listening to? Do you keep up with it?
    [The date you have is confusing since the plebiscite was in 1988 – I’m unsure where you are in time.]

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