10 December 1983

The elation in the air has an infectious quality! Raul Alfonsin was sworn in today and the excitement is palpable! The festivities have commenced: there’s a huge crowd gathered in front of La Casa Rosada. Even the police can barely contain their excitement!  The entire staff skipped the afternoon pitch meeting to make the celebrate. I’d manage to attend some pro-Alfonsin rallies last month, but those paled in comparison to this. It was truly a beautiful thing to witness, all of us together. I’ve grown very sentimental about things over the past year. Every step has a loaded, symbolic quality. It’s as if I’m watching history unfold before my very eyes.

The dictatorship is no longer the default. Living in fear will no longer be such a simple fact of life. As we’ve returned to a civilian democracy, we’ve reasserted our autonomy as human beings. The herd mentality that we’ve accepted as a default way of life is slowly dissolving. We will no longer be silenced, collectivized into one, voiceless mass. I feel myself gradually opening up in the strangest way. I had dinner with a female colleague last night, which was the first date I’d been on in a very long time. I feel warmer, more willing to engage with the world around me. I think it’s auspicious of good things to come.

I’ve been saying “Nunca Mas” every night before I go to sleep as a kind of affirmation. I’ve been writing it at the end of my column everyday, and it still sends shiver  down my spine. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s still so much tragedy, so much anger, hidden in obscurity.

I so desperately want to cover the trials for the newspaper once they begin. I’m aware that this comes with an enormous responsibility— to the victims, to their families, and to the entire Argentine nation. I want to see the impunity of junta members and military officials irreparably shattered. I want to lend my hand in the collective healing of our nation. It’s a long process, but I think we’re all ready.

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