10 de diciembre!!

Hola hola. Well my friend, today Alfonsín was sworn into office, I say lets give besos ricos de adios a los gran líderes de nuestra nación unica, and may justice find their sorry culos en el cárcel. Rosa sobbed tears of joy when I told her the news and I wrapped my arms around her and mi Carmita in front of the television screen as the news flashed across our television screen and lit our little apartment up with smiles for the first time in a very long time (true genuine smiles with teeth, and laughter, without apprehension or apology) I even offered mis hijos Jorge and Fernando some of my best rum, just to make sure they knew just how special today was for their country and their family.

Of course I am not so disillusioned as to think this transition is going to be so easy. How will we account for our disappeared? And how can one man reconstruct the ruins of this nation? It will be a long time before anyone feels safe walking about on the streets. The most important thing is that those responsible for the mass murders are held accountable, that our families get justice so that our women can stop marching about in the streets with fury like men demanding it. If our government thinks we will forget, that the Junta has drowned their sins in a sea of confusing placating words that will satiate our hunger to see them blindfolded and behind bars, they are certainly mistaken. Those traitors exist that only want to look forward, eager to bury this historía in the grave with the bodies of those who can no longer remind us of their suffering or stuff it down the throats of those freed souls whose gags, now removed have left them permanently mute. But, it is imperative that we investigate these hateful crimes and catch each of the hijos de putas and put them on trial. I may not have a law degree, but education is the most powerful tool to inspire social memory and I’ll be damned if any of my students stop talking about their missing classmates.

Ahh did I mention I got my job back? Well I did! Back to teaching philosophy-my passion. No more drawing up blue prints that please the military with mundane angles and modernity. I am overjoyed to return to work but Lately it has felt like a ghost town going back to university, frequenting my department with placard names on doors of colleagues disappeared. There are so few students attending classes still, and those that do hardly speak up even when I present hot button issues-so unlike before when I could barely get a word in edge wise. I do hope this generation has its faith restored, its youth somehow returned to it, God knows we need people who can hold us up over these next few years like only inexhaustible, ideological, kids can.

Of course Mami is among those that would rather just leave the ugliness behind. She’s been nervously cooking up a storm, I think she’s worried Alfonsin’s people will get their hands on Papi, and she has even been suspicious that I will implicate him with some heinous crime out of spite, I wouldn’t sink so low. I prefer instead to bust his balls now that he’s fallen from his mighty pedestal. He practically never fights back anymore, something he did or saw certainly threw a wrench in that wretched man’s ice solid cool disposition. Nobody says anything except for Carmen whose youthful mouth is quicker to point out obvious changes in her abuelo-she plucked at all of his gray hairs the other day and remarked on how he looked 50 years older in one week (I almost fell out of my chair laughing but Rosa was not amused), Karma definitely snuck up on that viejo.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    You’re teaching again? that’s wonderful, Esteban. I’d say that things were getting back to normal, but we hardly know what normal is, any more. Your family sounds a bit like all of Argentina — both in the country as a whole and within each family, we are figuring out how to deal with the past, with actions of our own parientes that we have found disgraceful and even criminal. How will we all deal with this?

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