Reflection on Avatar Project

I admit that I had my hesitations about the avatar assignment when it was assigned. I suspected that some of the description of people’s attachment to it was hyperbole. That while some people might be particularly connected to their character, I might just think of it as any other assignment. I’m pleased to say that my mind has been changed by the end of the semester. I ended up finding the project challenging, introspective, and thought provoking.

I was surprised by the quality of introspection that the project elicited from me. I think it was around the third posting where I really found myself contemplating for an extended period of time what it would be like for me to really be in that situation. Sometimes that was challenging; the events my character had to face far exceed any trauma i’ve faced in my own life. Sometimes writing as her came naturally, other times it took much more work. Sometime I felt uncomfortable taking up the voice of a victim of a trauma that i am so removed from – but i do believe that just the attempt to empathize in this way allowed me to get a few steps closer to understanding.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    One of the purposes of the project, I believe, is to distinguish between appropriating someone’s voice and empathizing with someone’s reality. I have found that most students, as you, Catalina, find this out. Thanks for the reflection.

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