December 10th, 2006


I was washing dishes when it came on the TV. And Ramon misheard and thought that Pinochet had been justly dealt with. It took the two of us a some minutes of watching the woman with her fake eyelashes and hairspray,  very blonde, reporting all too coldly the death of Pinochet.

Pinochet is gone and he never even said sorry. I’m not sure what it was I was hoping for. For him to be executed? Strapped down and¬†electrocuted? Chased through the streets or the poblaciones until he is ought of breath and out of hope and then fired upon by his own people? None of that feels right. But neither does this. Maybe nothing would.


1 thought on “Justice.

  1. ssvolk says:

    And the greatest irony of all, the viejo hijo de puta died on International Human Rights Day! The worms in hell must be laughing their heads off as they wait for his arrival!

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