Dec. 29, 1990


Dec. 29, 1990

An injustice has been committed today. Menem pardoned members of the junta, architects of horror Videla and Massera themselves. This is why I cannot find it within myself to trust our systems of governance. Throughout my formative years, as a teenager and young adult, I was subject to the horrors of living through the military’s war against the people it was meant to protect. Living with the fear of being disappeared, the pain of having those I loved–my dear brother and so many others–stolen. The disconnection with a family who, hopefully out of fear and not out of honest support, did not denounce the regime’s methods although it cost them a brave, intelligent son, and allowed their two other sons to contribute to the corruption. I cannot understand Menem’s logic. It’s fear and apathy under the guise of generosity, maturity, and reconciliation, is what it is. As someone who had been held captive by the regime, one would think he would know that justice is not achieved by the stripping of accountability, which is tantamount to a denial of the abuses that were committed (and against Menem himself!). It’s shit like this that makes all of the negative feelings–the anger–flood my mind again. I hope Menem is pleased with himself. 

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  1. ssvolk says:

    I’ve never trusted the Peronistas – still don’t!

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