April 1982

April 1982

I’m getting the hang of my new life in Buenos Aires. I’ve been spending time with playwrights, focusing on my art, and the theater company has allowed me to create the set for the next production. I’m excited about the plays and other productions we’ve been putting on, including sketch comedy shows, which are all as political as we can get away with…It is interesting to see how the writers (who are also the directors, producers, and cast) navigate being subversive in such an understated way so as not to draw attention, but still incite discussion amongst people in-the-know. Taking part in the productions in the small ways I have been, I feel like, even though I do not march with the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, or write for an illegal leftist publication, I am finally doing something that pushes back in a slightly safer manner.

I have called my parents a few times to update them on my life. Of course, I don’t give them very much information. I don’t say that I’ve found a group of free-thinking, highly educated people who have begun creating their own subtle language to oppose the regime my parents support. That I am an active part of a community, albeit a fairly insular one, that is figuring out how to communicate in a time when communication is so strained. God, I am so ashamed of my family. It is utterly unfathomable that nearly everyone I’m related to accepts the junta’s methods, when every day another child, another friend, another loved one is stolen. And having a son and brother taken by the regime Emile and Luis actively contribute to. Jesus. I think about Fabricio every day. I want to live in a way that will honor his memory. I’m just hoping that my brand of subversion won’t get me into trouble, and that the government will continue to weaken, like seems to be happening…

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