Final Reflection in My Own Voice

Final Reflection as Myself

Doing the avatar project was a very interesting experience for me. I am obsessed with history, but have done virtually no creative writing. Therefore it was hard for me try to embody a different character for the entire semester. Furthermore I was almost entirely ignorant of Chilean history before I took this course, so I had nothing to go on but what I learned in the class and the research I did ad hoc on my own.

I tried to place Sabastian in the midst of historical events rather than as a passive observer. At times this felt a bit forced, but I wanted to try to explore the range of experience one could have in Chile during the last 40 plus years. Nonetheless I really enjoyed trying to embody this character, to place myself in another’s shoes. This is something I reflect on in other historical periods, doing it in a more formal context helped my flesh-out the process.

The avatar project allowed me to contextualize my learning in a more personal framework. Rather viewing these events from a distance, this project forced me to try to place myself within the time itself. Thus it changed and deepened the way I learned about Chile.

I think I gained a lot from this project that I will be able to apply to my future modes of thought. It has helped me to view history in a new, more personal light. I will perhaps in coming months be able to better gauge how this course has affected me, but I can say for sure it was rather important. The darkness of this period is striking, but so is the hope that people maintained. I tried to work with these themes during the avatar project and I feel that I was able to at least touch on them.


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  1. ssvolk says:

    Thanks for your reflections, Sebastian (as I’ll continue to call you). The last thing you say (among others) is very important.

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