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Looking over other people’s avatar posts, it is striking to me how many different directions one could go with this assignment. I started with the premise that a relatively privileged Argentine woman would probably be in more of an observer role, and not be all that proximate to the dirty war. One impact of this decision was that my avatar posts became much more of an intellectual catalogue than a narrative history. I got a lot out of this. I really just did my best to intellectually process in someone else’s brain, a brain that started from a very different worldview, and experienced a very different life. I didn’t try to make arguments, or make the piece “compelling”, but rather did my best to guess how this person would be thinking in the rawest form. I think this is a super important exercise, something I’d like to continue to do outside of this assignment. I think it is possible that I got lost in this aspect of it though. I weighed heavily on intellectual empathy, and didn’t explore emotional empathy as much as I could have. The format of other people’s avatars, which is most often describing and reacting to dramatic events, seems to provide a naturally more emotional format than my more abstract musings. The project definitely pushed me to places that I’ve never been pushed by a history assignment, but I think it also presented me with opportunities that I didn’t take, which is partially a function of the openness of the project.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Thanks for your reflection, Fabia (as I’ll continue to call you). Your discussion of the differences between intellectual and emotional empathy is an interesting one that I’ll think more about.

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