Final Reflection

Using Alexei as a body for learning has really opened me up to the material we have touched on in class.  It has even opened me up to other events, as well, that have happened just by doing prior research to what happened on a certain day.  While I have been exposed to the events that happened in Chile through Alexei, I have learned to really try and put myself in every position reflecting on how I would respond to certain events and the emotions that would come with.  I have come to the conclusion that experiencing the emotional side is quite difficult, and it is really hard to give that justice to history rather than just looking at it as an event on a time line.  Prior to this class, I have viewed history as the progression of certain events, and that was it.  Now, I more fully understand that history, remembering, and emotion go hand and hand and there is no clear cut label that can be placed on either.

At times, this project was difficult because I really had to imagine myself there and how I would react to the situations that were happening.  There were times when I found myself questioning if this were the true way I would react to the events.  Part of me wanted to think I would stay strong to my political and moral beliefs, and the other part of me wanted to just keep my head down and live peacefully through the coup.  It was definitely a fine line that was being tested out.  Overall, I really enjoyed this project because it made me do outside research and really think about emotion and history together.  I will never forget Alexei.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Thanks for your important reflection, Alexei (as I’ll continue to call you!). What you say about the “fine line” that your character walked on is absolutely right. Very important understanding.

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