Surrender of the Falklands: June 14, 1982

It happened very suddenly, but it seems that the days of the Junta are numbered. The streets of Buenos Aires are packed with open and unabashed opposition to the Junta. All of a sudden, the reaction to repression is no longer fear,  it has become resistance. This moment does not feel like the culmination of pressure or the result of a movement. It seems more like the toppling of an unbalanced tower. A logical collapse of a system of power that once seemed untouchable. Raul Alfonsin called for the dismantling of the Junta days after the surrender. The demand for change is public and normal, things can move so quickly in this nation of ours.

It is time for a new chapter in Argentine history, but I hope that we can remember why the junta came to power. There has been so much loss in the past six years, and so much pain, but it was not senseless. When the coup came, there was no alternative. We were confronting absolute chaos in the streets. The particular form that the reorganization took was horrific, but something needed to happen. And now, after six years of cruel and unusual brutality Argentina is ready to move on. Democracy is the next step in our national journey, we are ready. I wish that we got here another way, but here we are.

1 thought on “Surrender of the Falklands: June 14, 1982

  1. ssvolk says:

    Yes, the Malvinas fiasco should be the military’s final straw. Let’s see how damaged they are by this loss.

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