Alexei- Reflection

Looking back, I have experienced a lot.  I can remember when all I used to care about was soccer then after the coup the issues of human rights and the status of our country became my main focus.  I remember my friends and I protesting together, and we didn’t care about what danger we may get ourselves into but we were all striving for a common goal: the betterment of Chile. There were many times when I was fearful, uncertain, scared for the safety of my friends and myself, but I would not redo it any other way.  To this day, I continue to think about the close friends I have lost.  Part of me wants to believe that some of them were released and out there somewhere in Chile, but I know more than likely they are with the rest of the disappeared.  I hope wherever they are they can see Chile for what it has become.  Yes, it is not perfect and some articles of the constitution still need to be changed, but it is better than what it used to be.

It’s also amazing to think about, but this regime has lasted a lifetime!  I remember I was 22 when the coup happened.  I was young and thought I knew everything, but looking back now I have grown exceptionally.  Now, I feel it is my job to help teach the next generations what happened and how our history is apart of all Chileans.  From the coup, to the disappearances, to a plebiscite, and to the death of Pinochet I think it is important for all Chileans to know what happened.  Who knows maybe that saying about history is true, we try to educate the masses on history in the hopes that the bad times won’t be repeated.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Thanks for sharing your life, Alexei.

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