Reflection on the last 40 years

I will never forget. I don’t have that luxury. I lost my childhood to Pinochet and his military goons. I lost my innocence to the terror that they brought on my country. Forgetting isn’t an option.

Tomas may never know the details of what happened to his father. Where he was buried? That is, if he was even given the privilege of a burial. I must hold on to everything that has happened. We all must. Because we can’t allow it to happen again. I won’t allow my daughter to endure what we had to endure.

I will never forget. But I will not let terror define me. I will not let them control my entire life. I owe it to those who did not survive.

My daughter will have a chance to be a kid. She won’t lose her innocence like we did. She will grow up free.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey with me.

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