March 3, 2000

It’s shocking how quickly old emotions can resurface. The headlines trigger everything, all these feelings I haven’t felt in years.

I admit I’ve found myself forgetting about the years of Pinochet’s rule. Not truly forgotten, but pushed aside to allow myself to move forward in my life. And for the most part it works. Tomas and I have been married for 7 years now. Our daughter, Maria, is turning 5 in a month. Between her, my job, and Tomas, I found it to hard to hold all the memories of the Pinochet years in my heart. I had to try forgetting them so I could continue living.

But now Pinochet has returned to Chile to stand trial. All the memories have flooded back, and are now as present as ever. Will we finally get justice? The justice all of Chile has deserved for so long? This time I won’t let myself forget. That’s what they want us to do. To forget to act like everything- all the horrors – that happened were normal.

Pinochet’s return has prompted me thinking about the best way to tell Maria about the military rule. How can I explain such evil to someone so young? But with all of the news, she will surely hear something. Better I tell her the right way than some boy at the schoolyard does it.

1 thought on “March 3, 2000

  1. ssvolk says:

    Just as your parents had a hard time talking to you about what was happening when you were young, you can now appreciate what they were facing.

    [Pinochet never came back “to face trial.” He was not extradited to Spain because of health reasons. Whether or not he stood trial in Chile depended on the Chilean legal system, and as we know, it never happened.]

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